Ashley McBryde + Carly Pearce Make History with 2023 Grammy Win

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde marked a major milestone at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday evening (February 5), making history with their award win. The two powerhouse singer-songwriters won in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance category for their smash-hit heartbreak ballad, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl,” and it was the first time that two women have been the winners of the category, they noted in an interview after the emotional victory.

“I did not expect this,” Pearce, a first-time Grammy Award nominee, said as she and McBryde accepted the prestigious award. “I’m outta breath. …I was workin’ on a record and I’ve known Ashley for a long time, and I just wanted to sing a song with her. And we wrote this song, and it has just transcended so many of my wildest dreams. Real music, real country music. …Holy moly! This is my first nomination, so I was NOT expecting this!”

McBryde continued, noting that the Grammy nod was Pearce’s first, and the single was McBryde’s first No. 1 song on country radio. She said that “we’ve performed the song so many times on stage together. It’s been so nice for our friendship. We did it together.”

Pearce gushed, “we won a Grammy!,” at the end of the onstage acceptance speech, and McBryde exclaimed, “holy s***!” Watch the unforgettable moment the two country artists shared here.