The Meaning Behind Lainey Wilson's "Things A Man Oughta Know" Co-Written by Jason Nix

A deeper look into this special song co-written by Jason Nix

Things a Man Oughta Know” was born of a songwriting session with Wilson and co-writers Jonathan Singleton and Jason Nix. Considering the song features such a sharp female perspective, some might be surprised to know that the original idea for the track came from Nix. But, as Wilson explained to Songwriter Universe, the topic was one she felt uniquely qualified to discuss.

“He (Nix) was like, ‘Man, it’d be cool to run it by Lainey and see what her thoughts are.’ When he brought up the title, I said, ‘Y’all gonna be here all day long, because there’s a long list of the things that you men oughta know’ (laughs). Then when we were writing it, we just dove into my childhood. You know, I’m from a very blue-collar farming community…my parents made sure that I knew how to do stuff around a farm. So we talked about that for a while, and we dove deeper and talked about the characteristics that my parents taught me to look for in myself and in other people…choosing who I’m surrounding myself with in life.”

Now that’s an impressive song. Not only did “Things a Man Oughta Know” help propel Lainey Wilson to country music stardom, it also saved a marriage. If only all songs were as useful.